Why Married Men Still Flirt With Other Women

    1. He Craves Attention And Wants To Be Wanted

    It’s possible that a married man is trying to satisfy his need for attention from you and is doing so to feel wanted. Because he doesn’t feel wanted by his wife, he could seek to bolster his confidence or prove to someone else that he is handsome. Furthermore, he might be seeking unduly strong validation of his beauty because he was rejected in the past.

    2. Lack of s3x at home.

    Because men are sexual beings, it’s possible that when they flirt, they’re seeking an informal, adulterous relationship. Think about the motivation if a man flirts with coworkers regularly. There can be unfulfilled wants in the marriage if there is a clear sexual undertone. An essential component of a relationship is the intimacy that results from the physical act of s3x. If sex is lacking in the household, a man can seek for closeness elsewhere. Additionally, the workplace, or office, is a comfortable setting.

    3. His Marriage Lacks Intimacy

    A married man may flirt with other women in an attempt to find emotional or physical closeness if there isn’t any in his marriage. He may be experiencing a loss of intimacy in his marriage for a variety of reasons, but he is unlikely to find the answer by flirting with someone else.

    4. He feels unappreciated.

    This is among the apparent causes. A man wants people to acknowledge his deeds and efforts in his roles as a spouse, father, provider, and protector. He might flirt as a way to make up for feeling underappreciated in a marriage that is having problems. To provoke a jealous or possessive reaction from his spouse and demonstrate his continued need and desire in the marriage, he could even flirt in front of them.

    5. It makes them feel like a man.

    Beyond anatomy and attire, masculinity is an essential component of the masculine persona. It encompasses fundamental ideas that are specific to men, like the necessity of carrying out tasks, defending people they love, and standing up for the vulnerable at all costs. Men can reinforce their masculinity in a straightforward and relatively harmless way by flirting with coworkers or in social circumstances.

    6. He Likes The Thrill Of The Chase

    One thing that many guys appreciate is the excitement of the hunt. They enjoy chasing impossibly difficult goals. They might only be flirting and not intend to do anything more. After a long period of marriage, there’s not much of a need to pursue a relationship; he might only want to see if he can pique the curiosity of another woman.

    7. It’s his personality.

    Simply put, some gregarious men realize that flirting may be constructive and start making small talk with everyone. Most of the time, this personality type is harmless or not taken too seriously. Also, the majority of married men who are flirty only want to make someone happy or have a good time.