Tesla Owner Says He’s Locked Out After Battery Expired, Replacement Costs $26K


    Owning a Tesla these days seems to validate the entire “Go Green” movement. But driving an electric car comes with a lot of risks. Mario Zelaya was one such owner in Canada. It was revealed recently that he had been locked out of his opulent Tesla vehicle. Following the battery discharge, this happened. The man was told the replacement would set him back $26,000 when he brought his car to the dealership. Mario Zelaya wrote, “$26k for a new battery,” along with this needlessly irritating video. shut out of a vehicle. There must be recalls.

    Zelaya had intended to sell the car, but he was confused by the cost of a new battery. He was just not prepared to part with so much money for a substitute. Regretfully, he was unable to sell his car without the correct ownership certificates, which were kept within the vehicle! Zelaya was pressed for time when several TikTok users requested that he disassemble the vehicle. Luckily, for thirty dollars, he was able to obtain a duplicate of those documents.

    Tesla Owners and their ongoing issues with Battery Replacement

    This specific Tesla was bought by its owner back in 2013. But as he pointed out time and time again, there is an issue with this model and the other 2014 variations. The batteries would eventually be destroyed if the vehicle’s fluid leaked into them. “I contacted Transport Canada, and they looked into the vehicle. In addition to the study they conducted on this vehicle, they will be conducting another one that Tesla is unaware of. Tesla is attempting to ignore it. The owner claimed, “They won’t provide them an explanation for why their battery died.


    Zelaya angrily claimed that Tesla’s issues had always existed. The company’s careless handling of batteries caused the issues to get worse. I will never purchase a Tesla once more. That’s my fancy way of saying, steer clear of Teslas. They make terrible cars, and what’s worse is that the company is only ten years old.

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    Tesla Seems To Be Under a Barrage of Complaints

    Tesla had to cope with legal issues in the past. A German Tesla owner received reimbursement in July after the car was found to pose a serious risk. The decision was rendered by a national court that found the driver’s aid system was not accurately identifying traffic barriers. The car would break down frequently, the court added, which was extremely unsafe given how commonplace car breakdowns are in the nation’s cities.


    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that Tesla had violated safety regulations, forcing the company to recall almost 578,000 cars in February 2022. The price of replacing the batteries has been a source of grievance for several other Tesla owners. A Finnish man chose to wreck his vehicle in 2021 as opposed to spending $23,000 on a new battery. His 2013 Model S’s battery had lasted more than eight years past its guarantee. He employed a group of explosives experts to blow up his car for this reason.

    In a similar vein, Zelaya was just one year past its warranty expiration date, therefore it stands to reason that the rusting and water damage predated this year. “That’s something that started throughout the warranty term, so it doesn’t matter if the problem arises during that time and they have no motivation to examine the battery even though you regularly maintain it with them. It’s not covered under warranty.

    Social Media’s Response To The Plight Of The Tesla Owner

    Viewers of this viral video on TikTok empathized heavily with the Tesla owner.

    “Cry it out on the rooftops.” I’ve only ever had problems with mine,” a person commented. “You will never convince me that owning a Tesla that someone else can control is a good idea,” remarked a different user. Someone commented, “A mint 2005 Honda Civic would have still been running… just saying,” expressing their belief in classic vehicles.[2]

    Thankfully, the displeased Tesla owner was able to sell the vehicle. Zelaya said in a recent TikTok video that the car’s new owner intended to disassemble it entirely and charge it once more. “That’s going to be the end of my Tesla journey,” Zelaya wrote as the caption. It has left my life. Don’t let it become yours.