Striking similarities between Queen Camilla & Kate Middleton explained – it confirms what we suspected


    In this difficult time for British royalty, as King Charles and Kate Middleton fight cancer, Queen Camilla has assumed a great deal of responsibility, including duties that have traditionally been performed by her husband. Queen Camilla has grown to be a cherished family member over time. Naturally, things weren’t always like this. She was vilified and called names by the public after it was revealed that she had an affair with the then-prince Charles. It was reported that she was terrified for her safety and would not leave the house.

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    Harry and Meghan have been very critical of Camilla recently. Harry mentioned in his book Spare that he questioned whether she would be a “wicked stepmother” when his father married her. However, Kate Middleton was also chastised by the Sussexes, in addition to Camilla.

    Speaking of the current role Queen Camilla has taken upon herself, royal expert Angela Levin said Camilla is “holding the royal family up.”

    “After all, waiting until you’re 73 years old to assume the throne is a long time.” In an interview with GB News, Levin stated, “I think it’s very difficult, at his age, but he’s very determined, and he’s only really just started to be king.” “Queen Camilla is fully supporting him, standing by his side, attending all the events that they would have attended together if she hadn’t been invited.”

    He will be able to sense that it is still running and moving in this manner, and they will be able to converse about it. And that’s fantastic, in my opinion. She is being strong and supporting the Royal Family, after all. Imagine that thirty years ago, everyone predicted that the Royal Family as a whole would break up and that she would become useless.

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    Although it is known that Camilla doesn’t want to be under the spotlight, she’s doing an excellent job while meeting with the public.

    “To help her spouse. Having spent more than 50 years together before being married, she has a deep understanding of him. They laugh together for a considerable amount of time,” Levin continued. In addition to filling in for her husband, Camilla showed Kate Middleton a lot of support, particularly when she was out of the public eye after having scheduled stomach surgery.

    The queen “has been trying to help [Catherine] through the media storm aspect in all of this,” according to Camilla Tominey, associate editor of The Telegraph.


    “I believe Camilla provided some support before [Catherine] made her announcement, as she was managing the fallout from the criticism surrounding the Mother’s Day photo and other issues,” Tominey stated.

    “Because let’s be real, Camilla is familiar with the challenges of being in the media. She continued, “She understands what it’s like to guide kids through a media maelstrom.

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    Former royal writer and royal expert Charles Rae called Camilla a “remarkable asset” and said that she is “one of the best things to happen to the Royal Family” in a “good number of years.” He also commended the queen for standing behind King Charles and Kate Middleton throughout this difficult period.

    She undoubtedly filled the void by stepping forward. With everything happening on, she’s got everything on her plate, and she’s taking on additional work, according to royal analyst Charles Rae. She always has a joyful face and a bright smile on her face. She makes the appropriate statements. Despite the claims that she once had bread rolls thrown at her in a supermarket parking lot, she has proven to be an incredible asset to the Royal Family.

    “I remember her when she was the most hated woman in Britain,” Rae said in closing. I have had multiple encounters with her, and each time I see her, she is endearing, intelligent, and pleasant to talk to, and she makes sure she does her research before engaging in conversation.

    Namely, Camilla was said to have been very welcoming towards Kate from the moment the two met.

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    After Kate Middleton became a member of the royal family, Camilla tried to get to know her. Though things with Prince William and Harry didn’t work out as planned, similar attempts were made with the Duke. Harry has few family allies as a result of his split from the royals. According to the Daily Mail, Camilla invited Kate, her sister Pippa, and her daughter Laura Lopes to lunch before the 2011 nuptials of the now-prince and princess of Wales.

    A source who overheard their chat told the Daily Mail, “They were all getting on very well and they hadn’t asked for an out-of-the-way table nor did they attempt to lower their voices.” “What happens if William doesn’t show up?” was a question Kate said in an intended humorous moment.

    For Kate Middleton’s wedding, Camilla supposedly gave her a very special gift: a bracelet with the initial “Cs” etched on both sides of the pendant. Many people believe that these letters stand for “Catherine” and “Camilla.”

    According to Yahoo, Kate has been seen wearing this bracelet on numerous occasions, particularly during appearances at the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

    LONDON, ENGLAND – JUNE 13: Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attend the annual Trooping The Colour ceremony at Horse Guards Parade on June 13, 2015, in London, England. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

    While royal historian and author Angela Levin highlighted that Queen Camilla has a sense for wonderful timing, GB News host Isabel Webster stated that Queen Camilla and Kate Middleton support their husbands in very similar ways.

    “I wrote her [Camilla’s] biography, and she’s got this very strong instinct of knowing what is right at the right moment,” Levin said on GB News program Breakfast.

    “The fact that she could take all the nastiness when they separated from Diana, that now she knows exactly what King Charles needs.”

    “She’s been there so solidly with the work and the engagements,” Levin continued. “You can see that they are so interactive together when you see the picture of their 19th wedding anniversary that came out yesterday.” In my opinion, feeling loved is equally as vital as taking medication.

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    Isabel Webster continued by explaining how alike Camilla and Kate are.

    “I believe that the Queen and the Princess of Wales have a lot in common. Just in terms of character, I believe they make such wonderful companions for the King and Prince William,” the woman remarked. I can understand why both of them choose those leading ladies because they are both excellent at supporting the main male in the background and are somewhat stoic.

    Which has improved William’s relationship with his father, according to Levin. When Catherine joined the Royal Family, Camilla helped her know what to do; she understood the protocol and could support her. Unlike Meghan, whom she attempted to assist as well but showed no interest, Catherine was quite appreciative.

    We truly hope Kate will be able to return to her royal duties as soon as possible and we’ll be seeing more of her in the months to come.