Reba McEntire remembers the day she lost her band in a horrific plane crash 32 years ago


    A real country diva is Reba McEntire. Millions of people loved her from the time she walked onto the stage in the late 1970s. She has one son, Shelby, and has been married twice throughout her life.


    However, despite her enormous success and the infatuating smile on her face, Reba has experienced several heartbreaks.

    Reba’s mother Jacqueline passed away from cancer in 2022. Given how close they were and how they fostered a wonderful mother-daughter bond, this was a devastating blow. She was prepared to pass away after living a lovely, full, and healthy life. The country music performer posted on social media, “Cancer may believe it has won the fight, but we’re giving God all the credit for choosing the time for her to go home to Him.”



    When Jacqueline was younger, her dream was to become a singer, but since that didn’t work out, she taught her daughter how to sing instead. We all know how much she loved us, and she left knowing how much love she had. Reba remarked, “We have so many amazing memories, but we’re going to miss her. Regretfully, Reba had already gone through grief and loss before. Thirty-two years ago, on March 16, a terrible airplane tragedy claimed the lives of her manager and seven band members.

    On that day in 1991, the band was doing a show in San Diego and was on their way to Fort Wayne, Indiana, for their next tour stop. Reba and her former spouse were scheduled to board a different aircraft, but they made the decision to spend the night in San Diego. Ten miles after takeoff, the band’s aircraft was destroyed.


    Reba never passes up the opportunity to honor the departed members of her band, even though it has been more than thirty years since the terrible crash. Reba talked candidly about the tragedy in an Oprah interview back in 2012. “Everyone on board was killed when the airplane’s tip struck a rock on the side of Otay Mountain,” the woman claimed. Following notification, our pilot was met by Narvel, Reba’s boss, who briefed us on the events. When Narvel returned to the hotel room where I was staying at two or three in the morning, he informed me that one of the planes had crashed.

    Are they OK?’ He said, ‘I don’t think so.’ I said, ‘But you’re not sure?’ He said, ‘I don’t think so.’”

    As she recalled the tragic day, Reba couldn’t contain tears from running down her face.

    “Narvel was calling from room to room while holding a phone,” she started, stopping when tears welled up in her eyes. “I apologize, but even after 20 years, it seems like it will never stop hurting,” she remarked. But that chamber is visible to me. Narvel is moving back and forth, as I can see.


    The singer honored the people who perished in the collision in 2020. “I lost my pals in a plane tragedy 29 years ago today. “It seems fitting that Mama passed away around that anniversary,” she wrote on social media. I’m confident that they’re all together in heaven, looking out for one another. Let’s continue to look out for one another while we’re still on this planet and never take a minute for granted when we’re among our loved ones.

    Her fans were quick to post messages of support. “Reba I’ve always loved your music, and our shared horse background, and now following you on Insta. Prayers for you and your mother 🙏🏻” one fan wrote.


    That was also the case this year. Reba felt compelled to inform the world that, despite the passage of time, she remains grieved for her friends’ untimely demise. Their passion for music and performing gives us all the willpower to carry on,” she added, attaching a video of the band’s live performance.