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People Stunned After Learning How McDonald’s Scrambled Eggs Are Prepared


Recently, McDonald’s has started a frenzy among its customers as details have come forward on the way they prepare their scrambled eggs.

This was revealed via a series of popular TikTok films, eliciting a (Mc)flurry of comments across social media platforms. Employees revealed the secrets, shedding light on McDonald’s scrambled eggs and the procedure behind what many considered to be a simple breakfast staple.

How It All Gets Made

The process of making McDonald’s scrambled eggs was unveiled in a now-viral TikTok video by user @kallme.yaniii. 

Yanii’s video depicts the chain’s steps (at least at her branch, although we think they are all generally followed as a franchise). The technique begins with a rectangle grill with a layer of butter applied before pouring liquid egg from a McDonald’s carton. As Yanii scrambles the eggs on the grill, viewers get an inside look at the preparation process.

“I just learned how to make scrambled eggs at McDonald’s, so don’t pick on me,” Yanii notes in the video, making light of her not-so-graceful ability.


Since its release, the film has received hundreds of thousands of views, with viewers expressing a wide range of opinions. Some were pleasantly surprised by the eggs’ freshness, while others had questions regarding certain aspects of the cooking procedure. Comments of approval, such as “Honestly?” That’s better than I expected. “I’m fine with that,” in response to doubt about the cooking process, such as “More heat, less scrambling.” Nowadays, everyone has a critical mindset.



McDonald’s Scrambled Egg-cellent

The preparation stems from a larger practice of employees sharing fast-food cooking techniques on social media. Customers have previously raised similar concerns about McDonald’s cooking techniques.3 The ongoing discussion indicates a rising interest in knowing what happens behind the scenes in fast-food operations.

Unlike popular belief, the films prove that McDonald’s scrambled eggs are made fresh, rather than frozen or pre-packaged and heated. Though some viewers were horrified, others justified the cooking methods, pointing to a bigger discussion about fast food expectations.

Various reactions to McDonald’s scrambled eggs highlight the importance of transparency in the food industry. Furthermore, it initiates a discussion about customers’ evolving expectations regarding ingredient sourcing and preparation methods. As social media continues to function as a venue for employee insights and customer discourse, fast food companies should face increasing pressure to address issues and provide clarity as their’secrets’ become public.