People Are Asking for Help in Identifying Strange Objects, and Some of Them Are Plain Weird

    Even though the internet isn’t always reliable, it’s still a great resource for anyone looking for general information. For instance, there is a subreddit for just about anything you can imagine, including people looking for guidance on a variety of unusual items. These are 10 strange things that baffled people.

    1. Strange Objects at the Beach

    Two pictures side by side of a man holding a strange object. Sand, fingers, and feet in the background.
    Photo Credit:  OpenMagazine8906 | Reddit
    This strange tube that resembled glass was discovered in Nags Beach North Carolina a few years ago. Consequently, the finder posted a request on Reddit for assistance in deciphering the bizarre object’s mystery. It was proposed that they were stingray teeth. It was also revealed that stingrays experience tooth loss and then regeneration, just like many other living things. Even while it seems most likely, many were shocked beyond belief. “I had no idea about this! One user said, “I’m years old, and I never thought stingrays had “teeth.” Another, meanwhile, was more worried about the bravery of the OP. The idea that you would stick your finger in it freaks me out. shudder,” they penned.

    2. Strange Objects Can Be Useful

    A strange object shaped like a box, on a dock and wrapped in plastic netting.
    Photo Credit: LardLad00 | Reddit
    Someone who had just bought a lake house sent the picture above. Three unusual items that were described as a “Criss-Cross Stack of Corrugated Pipes” were discovered by them. Bricks were used to weigh down the pipes after they had been covered with plastic netting. These odd things are called fish cribs, and they have two main uses. They first provide a refuge for young fish to hide from predators. Secondly, in an attempt to feed on lesser fish, they draw lunkers, or large fish.

    3. Strange Objects can be Lethal

    Toxic Fuzzy Mold growing from the corner between two different building materials.
    Photo Credit: u/eag118 | Reddit
    Another Reddit member who was perplexed by the fuzzy-looking object’s growth in their home shared it. It appears to be something from a children’s book, but it’s far darker than that. This growth was a very poisonous type of mold. This hasn’t been verified, though. “When my daughter was a baby, there was another baby in the apartment upstairs, and they were both always sick.” To cut a long tale short, the baby boy upstairs died from toxic mold [the same kind that formed in the vents]. According to the coroner, the odds of a healthy bodybuilder or large man dying from touching a particle of mold are 9/10. A person who advised the OP to clear their lungs and call their doctor left a comment. Thankfully, the original poster followed up to confirm that the issue was, in fact, mold, that the landlord had resolved it, and that there haven’t been any further issues since.

    4. Sunshine in a Sphere

    Glass sphere between metal with a computer monitor and a window in the background.
    Photo Credit: Jolly-Challenge-3924 | Reddit
    The name of this peculiar yet exquisite item is a Campbell-Stokes sunlight recorder. It functions by burning a “track” to indicate the hours and sun brightness on a card.

    5. Potentially Harmful, Definitely Repulsive

    Hand holding a lid with ice cube attached.
    Photo Credit: u/BuddyBloomfield | Reddit
    The answer to this question is unsatisfactory and sufficient to cause one to reconsider eating out, particularly at fast-food restaurants or convenience stores. Someone gave a detailed explanation of how they had previously performed expert cleaning and maintenance on food and beverage equipment. They had much to say as a result. To begin with, the statement states that “most restaurants and gas stations don’t clean their ice machines very often.” It was “strongly recommended” by them that the OP refrain from eating the ice. Finally, they mention that an ice maker’s clear slime suggests it has just been cleaned. But with time, the slime will turn pink and then black. This experience demonstrates that it’s usually advisable to steer clear of odd objects.

    6. Torture Device or Confectioner’s Dream

    Metal handle with screws for spinning sugar.
    Photo Credit: u/maybetwobabka | Reddit
    This is nearly the exact opposite of what it could seem like—a torture device or some kind of home improvement equipment. Rather, it’s a tool for manufacturing spun sugar, bliss.

    7. Seemingly Mystical Strange Objects

    A factory chimney, some power lines, and the tops of a few trees, and sky in the background.
    Photo Credit:SpriteUnicorn | Reddit
    It turns out that the solution to this conundrum is possibly dangerous in addition to being less thrilling than fairy tale ideas. One user clarified that burning “rubbish” with high iodine content is what causes the purple smoke to emerge from the chimney.

    8. Strange Objects Resemble Machines of the Past

    Photo Credit: Choesr | Reddit
    The OP refers to this very ancient device as a “Black steel briefcase, with the motor.” They clarified that the odd device had an electrical connection and “some kind of infeed control.” They then calculate that it weighs about thirty pounds. Remarkably, a typical response was an old key cutter. “It might be an old key cutter, but I’m not positive.” A commenter gave a share. One person concurred, saying, “Portable key-cutter.” Indeed, it appears to me that the keyholder bracket is located at the upper left corner. The post at the bottom right is where it is moved. But there was also a suggestion for a tool that would aid in polishing other tools.”The hole is for a stick of polishing compound; the spinning wheel is a polishing disk.” The upper left tool rest slides off and onto the post located to the right of the wheel. According to one customer, “The adjustment is a very fine adjustment for the angle of the wheel.” Another had the same idea and provided a more detailed explanation, Yes, as said; the carbide lathe bit jig attaches to the post to the right of the little spinning wheel and enables the perfect combination of angles required to generate the proper tool bit geometry. They made a statement and said that the instrument was most likely from the 1940s or 1950s.

    9. Spoons can be Strange Objects too

    Hand holding strange object that appears to be a spoon. Stone rectangles in the background.
    Photo Credit: BlackTailedPikachu | Reddit
    The OP was perplexed as to why this weird utensil had a jagged edge, even though they acknowledged that it was a spoon. It’s a “seafood spoon,” “berry spoon,” or “cucumber server,” among other hypothesized explanations. Despite the obvious differences in opinions, one thing is agreed upon: it has something to do with eating. It’s a Vintage Rogers & Hamilton Cucumber Server, according to eBay.

    10. Mysterious and Practical

    Wooden box with metal casing and spout. Feet and a plant in the background.
    Photo Credit: Strwbrrybby | Reddit
    Another person looked to Reddit’s knowledge base for assistance in figuring out this weird item that belonged to the OP’s grandma. She reveals that even though her grandma is unaware of its nature, she is aware that “it’s older than her.” The great-great-grandmother of the OP was the owner of the box. Someone wisely pointed out that although she used it for dog food, it’s most likely a stock dispenser that was originally meant to hold dry items like grains, coffee, or beans. “Food for dogs? Yes, exactly. However, I would wash it out before you put coffee in it. In response to the OP’s query, they concluded. Unsurprisingly, the world is full of mysterious and strange objects. Luckily, Reddit is there to help us out.