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My In-Laws Didn’t Invite Me to Dinner for a Humiliating Reason


What if you intend to have fun and unwind on a family vacation with your in-laws? However, you discover that you are up against unforeseen obstacles connected to cultural and societal standards. This young lady is having to make difficult choices because of pressure from society and her family.

Here’s what she shared

A few weeks ago, my in-laws and I had a family vacation. My mother-in-law believes that because my family isn’t as wealthy as hers, I’m not very refined or polite. She believes that because of our disparate upbringings, I lack manners.

The family didn’t want me to participate in their plans at first, but my husband pleaded with them to include me. Not only was I not invited, but my brother-in-law’s girlfriend was as well.


“They had planned to have supper at this fancy restaurant when we arrived at the hotel. It wasn’t until the last minute, after he had already dressed, that my spouse told me about it. He casually said that he and his family were going out to lunch, but that I wasn’t invited when I asked him what he was up to.

His justification? His mother felt it would be preferable if I had dinner at the hotel since she knew I wouldn’t be at ease with the kind of food or how to act at such a formal setting. Rather than argue, I simply let him leave, packed my things, and headed home on the first available aircraft.


“My hubby freaked out and called me a lot after I left. Even though he asked me to go on the trip, he said I was being unreasonable and ungrateful, and he even accused me of making him seem terrible in front of his family. He just ignored me and wouldn’t even talk to me when he got home. Even worse, his relatives unceremoniously attacked me on Facebook for my departure.

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