My Husband Was Mocking My Underwear in a Group Chat with His Friends – He Soon Regretted It

    For months, Tom and I, Anna, had been frantically trying to save pennies. All of this was brought about by my husband’s obsession with a stunning new sports car that he had been eyeing. Due to financial constraints, I had to postpone pursuing all of my goals. That implied that I would not be buying new clothes. That implied that I couldn’t even expand my assortment of underwear or makeup. Even small expenditures were out of the question because we were fully committed to saving. While tidying the living room two days ago, I saw Tom’s phone was depleted of charge. I pulled it up and there was a notification. Normally, I would respect his privacy, but there was a preview of a photo pop-up that caught my eye.
    Upon closer inspection, I saw that the picture was indeed my underwear drawer! Interested, I opened his phone. I happened to be browsing through a group chat with his closest friends. There was a picture of my basic, work-appropriate underpants with my husband’s remark. When I heard that he “doesn’t remember marrying a granny,” I was astounded. The post’s description said, “Look at Anna’s grandma panties!” His friends responded to the message with a barrage of laughing emojis and insulting comments. My heart just fell! I felt misled, insulted, and humiliated. It was unbelievable to me! My partner was making fun of me with his friends! Some had written something along the lines of, “Is your mother aware that Anna has her underwear?” “Well, that underwear is definitely a mood killer in the bedroom,” the other said. As his companions’ comments grew worse, I was unable to read them any longer. I didn’t say anything when he got back home since I wasn’t sure how to handle it without coming out as snoopy. I made an effort to be normal so he wouldn’t notice my worry, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the entire thing.
    I had lunch with Joyce, Tom’s mother, the following morning. I made an effort to act normal with her as well, but my incredibly observant mother-in-law (MIL) sensed something wasn’t quite right. I eventually opened up about everything, including the group chat and how insignificant and ashamed I felt. Rather than the surprise or disillusionment I anticipated, Joyce’s eyes glowed with mischief. She leaned forward and murmured insidiously: “Leave it to me, dear. I know exactly what to do.” The next event will astound you! Think about this: That night, when Tom came home, he found me a different person! I looked stunning in a stunning red gown, with professionally applied makeup and styled hair. His mouth sprang open as soon as he saw how gorgeous I was!
    “Wow, you look wonderful! “Where did this all come from?” Tom asked. His voice was full of astonishment and perplexity. “Your car fund,” I said in a steady voice, unable to look him in the eye. “What did you do? We had that saved. Tom’s bewilderment soon gave way to rage. Joyce entered with an air of authoritative calm before he could say anything more. “I recommended she take care of herself,” said my mother-in-law. “It seems like you could use a little reminder about how to value and honor your wife.” Joyce continued in a tone that grew softer yet still forceful. We’ve also determined that this is my only grandmother. We therefore felt it only fitting that Anna receive some exquisite panties to go with her exquisite ensemble. She continued, We felt she should have received something tasteful, not something to make fun of or discuss in a discussion.
    Tom attempted to protest, visibly outnumbered and flustered. He appeared regretful and guilty, but he could do nothing to change his mother’s unwavering position. Son, you’ve had a tough lesson to learn today. Perhaps the next time you’ll reconsider before making fun of someone who goes to great lengths for you. I stopped and took up Tom’s phone as Joyce and I were getting ready to go out for dinner, just the two of us. I took a fancy picture of myself and posted it to his group chat with the following message: “Granny’s going out tonight, guys!” Tom watched us go, the shock of his newfound insight reverberating through the house in quiet. I felt a mixture of heartfelt gratitude for my MIL’s support and vindication as we left the house together. I felt very fortunate to have a kind and understanding mother-in-law who saw and valued me. I am aware that many tales exist regarding mothers-in-law mistreating their daughters-in-law, but my situation is unique. I said to Joyce on our excursion, “Mom, I appreciate all of your support. Without your guidance and experience, I don’t know what I would have done. She said, putting out her hands to grasp mine: “Tom might be my son, but you’re my daughter and I will not stand by as long as I’m alive while he abuses you.”
    It was more than just a lesson for my spouse to learn that evening. It was a crucial time in my journey to restore my dignity and sense of worth. And all with a surprise ally at my side! Upon my arrival home, Tom was waiting for me with flowers and a romantic setup complete with chocolates and other sweet treats. He honestly apologized, saying, “I’m so sorry for taking you for granted and not showing you the respect you deserve.” Since I knew he wasn’t a bad man, I was prepared to pardon him. “Tom, what you did was extremely hurtful,” I said, adding that it was something I would never intentionally do to my adversary. I understand now, my dear. I’m committed to go above and beyond to earn back your confidence because I betrayed it. I promised to give him a chance and anticipated quick outcomes. He texted back, apologizing profusely for making fun of his wife in their group chat. My husband also removed every post about me. He even begged his friends to never allow him to act in such a way again.
    His friends expressed regret, and Tom and I decided to enroll in couples therapy. If he could ignore me to get what he needed, we knew there was a problem in our relationship. Our relationship is a work in progress, but I won’t say it’s flawless. Megan, the woman in the next story, learned the hard way that her fiancé was a lost cause, while Anna’s husband was eager to make amends. But when she learned the truth about him, she exacted a heavy price!

    I Made My Fiancé Regret Cheating on Me with My Best Friend – Was I Right to Embarrass Him at the Altar?

    Hi there, I’m Megan. I had planned to wed Brad and start our future together until lately. However, life dealt me a huge curveball. When I found out he was having an affair with Andrea, my childhood best friend, I was devastated!
    It was terrible enough that there had been betrayal, but I had no idea that things would grow much worse. Then I learned that Andrea was expecting a child and they were getting married! They attacked me with texts while I was trying to recover, accusing me of being the reason their families didn’t come to their wedding and trading insults for excuses. It felt like they were taking the knife to me even further when they proposed that I go to their wedding as a sign that I had forgiven them. I accepted their invitation during a period of intense hurt and possibly retaliation. On their wedding day, which had been planned to be the lovely day Brad and I had imagined, I publicly objected! I told them how much anguish their acts had caused, including the loss of my unborn daughter as a result of the stress of their affair.
    It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done to stand there and tell my tale! However, it had to be said—not only for my advantage but also as a clear warning of the consequences of their actions. I’m now debating whether or not my public outcry in response to their betrayal and suffering was justified. What do you think?