My Husband Mocked My Underwear in a Group Chat with His Friends – His Swift Regret Followed


    Tom and I, Anna, had been squeezing pennies like crazy for months. This was all because my husband had his sights set on a beautiful new sports automobile that he had been admiring. Money was limited, so I had to put all of my personal desires on hold.

    That meant refraining from renewing my clothes. It meant I couldn’t even upgrade my makeup or underwear collection. We were in full savings mode, so even minor purchases were out of the question.

    Two days ago, when cleaning up the living room, I discovered Tom’s phone needed to be charged. As soon as I picked it up, a notification appeared. I typically respect his privacy, but the screen showed a preview of a photo pop-up that drew my attention.



    When I looked closely at the image, I discovered it was my own underwear drawer! I unlocked his phone out of curiosity. I found myself going through a group chat featuring his closest buddies.


    There, alongside a photo of my plain, utilitarian underwear, was my husband’s comment. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I read him saying he “doesn’t remember marrying a granny.” The caption for the post read, “Check out Anna’s granny panties!”

    The message was met with a rush of laughing emojis and taunting remarks from his buddies. My heart just dropped! I was humiliated, hurt, and felt completely betrayed. I couldn’t believe it! My spouse was insulting me among his pals!

    They’d written comments like, “Does your mother know Anna has her underwear?” as well “Well that underwear is surely a mood killer in the bedroom.” I couldn’t keep reading the remarks from his buddies as they got worse.

    When he returned home, I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t sure how to handle the situation without making him seem like I was snooping. I tried to appear normal so he wouldn’t notice my concern, but I couldn’t get the whole incident out of my head.


    The next morning, I met up with Tom’s mother, Joyce, for brunch. I tried to act normal around her too, but my mother-in-law (MIL), ever so perceptive, noticed something was off. I ended up spilling everything, from the group chat to how small and humiliated I felt.

    Instead of the shock or disappointment I expected, a mischievous glint appeared in Joyce’s eyes. Leaning forward, she whispered conspiratorially:

    “Leave it to me, dear. I know exactly what to do.”

    You will not believe what happens next! Imagine this: When Tom returned home that evening, he discovered me altered! I was dressed in an amazing red gown, with my hair styled and cosmetics professionally applied.

    As he walked in, his jaw dropped when he realized how hot I looked!


    “Wow, you look wonderful! “Where did this all come from?” Tom asked. His voice was full of astonishment and perplexity.

    “Your car fund,” I replied, my tone steady though I couldn’t bring myself to meet his eyes. “You did what? We were saving that—” Tom’s confusion quickly turned to anger.

    Before he could continue, Joyce walked in, her presence commanding calm. “I suggested she treat herself,” my MIL interjected. “Seems to me you need a reminder of how to appreciate and respect your wife.”

    Joyce’s tone softened but remained firm as she continued. “Also, we’ve established that I’m the only granny here. So we thought it’s fair that Anna gets some beautiful underwear that matches her stunning outfit.”

    She explained further, “We thought she deserved something elegant, not to be mocked or shared in any chat.”



    m, flustered and now clearly outnumbered, tried to argue. He looked guilty and remorseful, but his response was futile against his mother’s resolute stance.

    “You’ve learned a hard lesson today, son. Maybe next time, you’ll think twice before making fun of someone who sacrifices so much for you.”

    As Joyce and I prepared to leave for a dinner out—just the two of us—I paused and picked up Tom’s phone. I snapped a glamorous selfie and sent it to his group chat with a message:

    “Granny’s going out tonight, guys!”


    Tom watched us leave, the silence of the house echoing the shock of his newfound realization. Leaving the house with my MIL, I felt a mix of vindication and deep appreciation for her support. I was so happy to have a loving and supportive MIL who made me feel special and seen.

    I know there are a lot of stories about how mothers-in-law generally mistreat their daughters-in-law, but my case is different. During our outing, I told Joyce, “Thanks for all the support, Mom. I don’t know what I would’ve done without your help and wisdom.” She reached out her hands and held mine, stating:

    “Tom might be my son, but you’re my daughter and I will not stand by as long as I’m alive while he abuses you.”


    That evening wasn’t only about teaching my husband a lesson. It was a pivotal moment in reclaiming my self-worth and dignity. All with an unexpected ally by my side!

    When I returned home I found Tom ready with flowers and a romantic set-up with chocolates and other desserts. “I’m so sorry for taking you for granted and not showing you the respect you deserve,” he said sincerely.

    Knowing he wasn’t a bad person, I was willing to forgive him. “What you did was VERY hurtful, Tom,” I explained, adding that it was something I would never wish on my enemy. “I get it now, love. I betrayed your trust, and I am determined to do whatever it takes to rebuild it.”

    I pledged to give him a chance and expected rapid results. He replied by texting his group chat about how bad it was for him to make fun of his wife. My spouse also erased all posts regarding me. He even implored his pals to never let him do anything like that again.

    His friends showed remorse, and Tom and I agreed to get couples counseling. We realized something was off in our relationship if he could sideline me the way he had to have his needs met. I won’t claim our relationship is perfect, but it sure is a work in progress.

    While Anna’s husband was willing to redeem himself, Megan, the woman in the following story, found out the hard way that her fiancé was a lost cause. However, when she found out the truth about him, she made him pay dearly!

    I Made My Fiancé Regret Cheating on Me with My Best Friend – Was I Right to Embarrass Him at the Altar?

    Hey, I’m Megan. Up until recently, I was all set to marry Brad and build our future together. But life threw a massive curveball my way. I was left heartbroken when I discovered he was cheating on me with my childhood best friend, Andrea!

    The betrayal was horrible enough, but I had no idea how bad things were about to get. I then found out they were getting married, and Andrea was pregnant! As I attempted to heal, they assaulted me with messages, alternating between apologies and insults, blaming me for their families’ refusal to attend their wedding.

    They even suggested that I attend their wedding to indicate that I had forgiven them, which felt like twisting the knife even more. In a time of profound hurt and even vengeance, I accepted their invitation.

    I filed a public objection on their wedding day, which had been arranged as the beautiful day Brad and I had envisioned! I told them how much anguish their acts had caused, including the loss of my unborn daughter as a result of the stress of their affair.


    Standing there, presenting my story, was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done! But it needed to be expressed, not just for my benefit, but also as a sharp warning of the repercussions of their behavior. Now I’m wondering if my public outrage was excessive, or if it was a reasonable response to the betrayal and anguish they gave me. What are your thoughts?