Men who are in habit of touching these body parts of their wife prove to be very faithful


    Guys who have a propensity of stroking these intimate areas of their…..

    Men who regularly caress their wives’ private areas show themselves to be incredibly devoted.

    1. Waist

    A man always wants to embrace his woman’s waist when he is sincerely in love. In addition to being a private gesture of intense affection for his spouse, this also subtly signals to other men that she is his. Women only let the men they love touch their waists, which are naturally private areas. Thus, if a man gives you back hugs frequently, he will rank you as his top priority.

    2. Hair

    A woman’s hair reflects her femininity, and men are drawn to touch it. A man who frequently touches your hair with his hand is expressing how much he values and cherishes you. Thus, regardless of how busy you are, remember to take care of your hair.

    3. Hands

    Every man wants to tell everyone how much he loves a lady. All he wants to do is hold your hand. A man truly loves you when he is willing to hold your hand in a crowded location.

    4. Shoulder

    He never passively rests his chin on the lady he loves shoulder when he touches it. Not everyone should touch a woman’s shoulder because they are also highly sensitive. She thus becomes more intrigued by a man the more he tries to touch her.