Men Want Love Too. They Love To Hear These 6 Things From The Lady They Really Love


    Some guys feel underappreciated because their ladies aren’t saying the correct things to them. Guys prefer to hear certain things, but not all women recognize this. As a result, this article offers advice on appropriate conversation starters for women who are unsure about what kinds of things to say to men.

    1. “I support you in everything you decide”

    We have the strength to overcome all of life’s challenges when we feel the people we care about are there for us. Give him the impression that you believe in him and that you will be there for him no matter what.

    2. “I trust you”

    A guy needs words of encouragement to lift his spirits when he’s feeling low and uninspired. As a sensitive woman, you could say to the guy, “I trust you.” The guy would be quite touched by hearing those remarks, and it would give him confidence. Men enjoy having their egos stroked, and hearing those remarks increases their regard for the lady. It’s also something that guys enjoy hearing in text messages.

    3. “I respect you”

    Respect—both for oneself and the other—is one of the cornerstones of any relationship. Honor his choices, preferences, friends, family, and manner of life. He will respect you if you respect everything around him.

    4. “I’m proud of you”

    A man’s ego might be greatly inflated by hearing his favorite woman or female friends express their pride in him. This is typically spoken after a success, and it encourages the man to keep going because he knows that he has supporters.

    5. “You can trust me”

    Since trust is a reciprocal quality, both parties in a relationship need to have it. You will help the process of building trust if your comments provide him with a sense of security.

    6. “How handsome you are today”

    We adore it when they tell us how beautiful we are, especially when you’ve spent two hours putting on make-up, arranging your hair, trying on your complete wardrobe … Well, even if they haven’t invested as much effort as you, the fact that you have chosen other outfits other than a cowboy and a t-shirt, is to commend. So go ahead and do it! Because you will make her day happier and provide her with the inspiration she needs to get ready for tomorrow.