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If you find one of these buttons in your car, one day you will thank it


Your Car Has a Hidden Switch that Could Save Your Life One Day

Driving can be a particularly dangerous task since people rely on others to follow safety precautions. Furthermore, individuals rely on their cars to ensure a safe journey to their destination. As a result, several car manufacturers include systems such as the one that dings repeatedly until everyone fastens their seat belts. However, automobiles also have a potentially lifesaving, secret switch that few people are aware of.

“Life Saving” Hidden Switch

TikTok has become a popular platform for people to produce and share films depicting various scenarios. Some are frivolous and entertaining, while others provide essential insights. @huyameishuoche, a TikTok user, uses her platform to share fascinating or “hidden” elements of vehicles. One video, in particular, demonstrates a variety of useful tricks for making a ride more comfortable or safe. Some of her hints are relatively well-known among the general public. However, one involving a concealed switch has surprised internet users.



Because technology has advanced so far, it is much easier to contact someone and seek aid. As a result of the abundance of tools and resources available to us, we are considerably less likely to require assistance. However, there are situations when a car becomes completely submerged in water and it appears impossible to escape. This is when the concealed switch comes in.


Finding and Maneuvering the Hidden Switch

@huyameishuoche demonstrates how to uncover the life-saving secret switch in step-by-step instructions. First, determine the location of the secret switch. It is positioned in the vehicle’s trunk on the trunk door. The next step is to understand how to access the trunk from within the vehicle. Many people are aware that the backseats can fold down, allowing access to the trunk. They’ll probably also know how to accomplish it. Fortunately, if not, the video demonstrates each step with a clear explanation.

Once the trunk is open, someone will need to climb into the trunk and find the hidden switch. Lastly, “just one click” will allow you to safely exit the vehicle from inside.

Today’s cars have several safety and convenience features, including sophisticated operating systems that alert you to any engine problems. Or when you’re running short on gas. Nonetheless, despite how good cars are, there are some situations in which they cannot compete. Particularly against the elements. Mud, ice, and water are a few natural factors that can pose a safety risk to vehicles and the persons within. Alternatively, being prepared is a terrific way to make the experience much easier to bear, if not perhaps save your and your family’s lives.

Using the Head Rest

A few years back, there was an internet rumor that headrests could be used to smash a window if you got locked inside a vehicle. Alternatively, according to ‘Learn Glass Blowing’, it is not the most effective approach to smashing a window in an emergency. “Just as a sculptor doesn’t wield a paintbrush to chisel away at marble, headrests aren’t meant to be wielded as glass-breaking instruments.”

However, when utilized properly, the headrests contribute to a safer ride. Heads should rest comfortably on the headrest. Instead of below or above it. This can help reduce the severity of whiplash in a car collision. Fortunately, while the headrest may not be effective, the concealed switch found in the trunk of automobiles will most likely solve the problem.

Preparedness Increases Safety

If this system fails, there are additional ways to provide a safety net in the event of an emergency. The most important thing is to understand what conditions one may experience when driving from Point A to Point B. For example, having snow chains is an excellent way to be prepared if you reside in or travel to a snowy area.

Another example is the demand for window-breaking equipment. Because of the greater chance of their car becoming submerged, this will most certainly be higher on the priority list for people who reside near large bodies of water. If there is water nearby, it may be a good idea to keep a Ziploc bag with a change of clothes in the trunk. If the car becomes flooded and the concealed switch activates, it may be beneficial to rapidly change into dry clothes. Doing so after getting out of the water may assist to reduce the risk of bacterial infections or hypothermia.

However, some equipment are universally useful, such as a tire inflator, a car battery jumper, or both, a seat belt cutter, a first aid kit, and munchies. (Because you never know how long you’ll be stuck). In either scenario, being prepared is the greatest approach to safeguard your own and others’ safety if something unexpected happens. Furthermore, becoming familiar with the car, especially understanding where the concealed switch is and how it works, can assist save a life in an emergency.


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