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I Took a Married Man Away From His Family, I Expected a Paradise but My Life Turned Into a Nightmare


When someone falls in love with a married person, they have the option of maintaining the relationship and breaking up the family or leaving such a problematic relationship. Today’s heroine is the affair partner of a married man. She devastated his family and was convinced that their love would grow from the ashes of her son’s failed marriage. However, the woman’s actions had major consequences, and she now regrets everything.

The woman was certain she was doing everything correctly.

A 38-year-old woman wrote to our editorial with a passionate confession. She opened her letter by stating, “I am in a situation where I don’t know what to do.” My entire life had taken such a drastic turn, and I seemed unprepared for the demise of my illusions. I apologize for the long letter, but I felt forced to explain myself.

The woman went on to say that her partner is 54 and that their relationship did not start off decently. She said in a letter, “My SO and I met six years ago at a joint team-building event hosted by our companies.” He was married with two children, ages 10 and fifteen at the time. I didn’t have a family or children, and I wasn’t involved in a relationship at the time.

We began off as close friends, but with time, we developed strong romantic feelings for each other. He told me that he was dissatisfied with his marriage, that it was dreadful and a mistake. He indicated that he was already going to leave his wife and was merely waiting till the children were older.


The woman immediately trusted her SO and developed strong feelings for him. She went on to say, “I fell in love with this man and was willing to wait until he ended his marriage.” After two years of our affair, we were caught, and things got unpleasant for a while.»


After a breakup, things were developing moderately.

The woman continues her letter by claiming that now that their affair is no longer a secret, they have moved in together and are planning to start a family. She goes on to say, “His wife was heartbroken, but she chose not to tell the children about their father’s affair.” We both respected his wife and children and kept our connection covert for a year.

My SO introduced me to his children after roughly a year. It was tough for the kids to see their father happy with another lady, but we gradually got along perfectly. We then purchased a home and were prepared to marry. The kids came to visit us frequently. Things were progressing in the greatest possible way for us. Or so I thought.

The man’s ex-wife was extremely distressed and in great pain.

The woman stated, “My fiancé’s ex-wife had a tremendously difficult time coping with her husband’s infidelity and his leaving. She has always worked part-time and stayed at home with her children. We were aware that she had substantial health difficulties and had gained a significant amount of weight. She was very depressed and isolated.»

The ex-wife was totally desperate, and it seemed like it would take her a really long time to recover.

The woman stated, “After their breakup, she frequently called my SO, crying, and she sent him long emails and poignant texts, begging him for another chance to reunite his family. My fiancé was guilty, but he never interacted with her about anything other than their divorce and children. He said he made a decision, that he loved me, that he hated the grief he had caused her and the children, but it was already done, and all he could do was look forward without looking back.»

The betrayed woman began to recover, signaling the end of an extramarital relationship.

One day, the man’s ex-wife abruptly stopped calling and texting him long messages. The woman stated that the ex-spouse had simply asked her fiancé to co-parent through a parenting app. The woman said, “He never met or heard from her.” His oldest child could now drive, and he could travel to her house to pick up his youngest son when the ex was not around. For me, it was a huge relief. My fiancé’s oldest kid told us that his mother was seeing a therapist and practicing meditation and yoga. She was also increasing her physical activity and losing weight. The ex also got a full-time job in her professional field and seemed extremely happy.»

Then, some information was revealed, and the woman’s SO simply changed. The woman added, “Some time ago, SO’s youngest kid began referencing “uncle P” in talks. This “Uncle P” was one of my fiancé’s closest pals. He once discontinued all communication with my SO after our affair was disclosed. They haven’t seen or spoken to each other since.

It was discovered that “Uncle P” and the fiancé’s ex-wife were now in a relationship. At the same time we found out about this, I discovered I was pregnant. Following this confession, my SO appeared frustrated, but I felt it was due to his stress at work, as he had changed jobs. Then he started getting home late. He was continuously using his phone. His conduct was rapidly shifting away from what I had previously observed.»

Things took a very painful turn for the woman in the end.

The woman claimed that her spouse agreed to see a therapist and is currently receiving treatment. They now have a child, and the mother truly hoped that things would better and that having a baby would help them progress. But she admitted that their relationship is still rocky.

She went on to say, “I feel that his heart and mind are no longer in our relationship, and I am considering leaving him.” I still adore him, and we now have a baby. I really want us to establish a family. I acknowledge all of the pain we have caused, and while our route has not been simple, we went too far.