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I installed hidden cameras in my house – I was so disgusted by what I saw that I thought I should do something


A man took to Reddit to reveal how he planned payback on his wife.

The father of two had earlier shared a story on Reddit about how he had persuaded his wife to release the bunny in the bushes, and she had done so in the backyard. As it happened, a hawk approached and took the bunny right in front of their two small children, who were five and four years old. The children’s bond with their mother was damaged and they were traumatized by the incident.

The Redditor claimed that his wife was called a “Bunny Killer” by the kids. After some time, the husband came clean with his wife about publishing a Reddit post about her that had offended her. She did, however, finally acknowledge that her husband was right and that she was mistaken.

The Original Poster (OP) claims that he attempted to educate the children to treat their mother more kindly by punishing them little for using the deplorable phrase. But every time they became angry with her, it came back to life.


Following their apology, OP recommended that the couple seek counseling from a marriage counselor; however, his wife vehemently maintained that their marriage was OK. The Redditor made the decision not to press the issue because they were getting along. But their marital joy did not continue for very long.


The oldest child of the OP approached him and told him she wasn’t just upset with her mother because of the bunny incident. The girl was afraid to confide in her father, but after receiving a lot of comfort, she disclosed that a man had been visiting the home on the weekends while the OP was at work.

The mother broke the kids’ silence by referring to the man as her “special friend.” Then, the OP observed several peculiar behaviors from his wife. It dawned on him that she was angrier than usual. She would snap at him, calling him names and making fun of his looks, mannerisms, and family before isolating herself in the bedroom and sobbing aloud until everyone in the house could hear her.

When the OP examined his wife’s changes, he surmised that the affair had a big impact, but he also recalled that she had behaved the same way when she was carrying their children.

So the OP got to work and ordered cameras. He installed them around the house, and at one point, he thought he might be taking things too far.

If he was mistaken about his wife, he reasoned, he could quietly take them down without anyone finding out. But in the end, he had to face his greatest fears. After the cameras went up, he had sufficient proof of his wife’s adultery within a week. He learned that the person with whom his wife had an affair was a mentoring former coworker. He was the OP’s wife’s junior by roughly ten years.

Following the GPS, they saw that the wife left her usual hangout spot with her friends and that she had made her way to see her affair partner. The woman was watched by the OP’s sister and brother-in-law, who noticed the man massaging her stomach. When the OP viewed the tape, he became enraged and began planning a retaliation scheme. He informed his wife he was going on a work trip, but this was a lie. The wife had the ideal chance to invite her lover over when his sister consented to watch the children.

Just a few hours after the OP left, the wife summoned the man. As the Redditor listened and watched through his concealed cameras, he overheard the two discussing the kid they were expecting.

A few weeks later, his wife was presented with divorce documents.

They were handed to her by the local sheriff. When she opened the envelope, the wife appeared terrified and couldn’t believe what she saw. She was upset and attempted to jeopardize her husband’s employment and reputation. After much back and forth, she rushed out of the bedroom and re-locked herself within.

But since the husband had evidence, he patiently waited for the police to show up. When they arrived, they were ready to attack the OP, but after he showed them footage and realized she had no scars on her body, they decided it was the wife they would be arresting.

After all of that, the OP obtained DNA tests for his children and was relieved that they were both his. His wife attempted to prolong the divorce, but the Redditor had much too much evidence to lose. Ultimately, the father gained full custody and ownership of their home.