Expert Says Parents Should Ask Babies For Consent Before Changing Diapers


    In the world of parenting, where dirty diapers are as common as cuddles, a new concept is shaking things up: seeking permission from babies before changing their nappies. It’s a notion that has sparked both curiosity and controversy, leaving many scratching their heads in disbelief.

    Enter Deanne Carson, a self-proclaimed authority on sexuality education. In her bold claim, she suggests that parents should initiate a dialogue of consent from the very beginning of their child’s life. While it might sound unconventional, Carson argues that even infants can benefit from a culture of consent.

    During a notable appearance on ABC, Carson shared her insights on instilling this concept in early childhood. She emphasizes the importance of non-verbal cues, particularly eye contact, in conveying the message that a child’s input matters. While it’s true that newborns can’t verbally respond, Carson suggests that a moment of anticipation, coupled with non-verbal communication, can lay the foundation for a respectful relationship between parent and child.

    ‘Sexuality expert’ says parents should ask for baby’s consent when changing nappies.


    Yes, really…

    — Sunrise (@sunriseon7) May 10, 2018


    But as with any controversial idea, there are skeptics. Many online voices question the practicality of seeking consent from a baby who can’t comprehend the situation. Some even jest about the absurdity of expecting a verbal response from a newborn.

    In the midst of this debate, another parenting guru, John Rosemond, throws his hat into the ring, arguing against the seemingly innocuous act of high-fiving children. According to Rosemond, such gestures undermine parental authority and respect, setting the stage for a lack of discipline in the future.

    And what happens when baby says no? Do it anyway? Whoa now there is the real problem

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    Either she has never wrestled a toddler during a change or worse, she just left hers in a shitty nappy until it was ready to consent. OMFG.

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    In a world where every parenting decision seems to carry weight, these discussions shed light on the complexities of raising children. From consent in diaper changes to the appropriateness of high-fives, every action and interaction plays a role in shaping the parent-child dynamic.

    So, what’s the verdict? Are we overthinking parenting, or are these conversations vital for nurturing respectful relationships? As the debate rages on, one thing remains clear: parenting is anything but simple. It’s a journey filled with surprises, challenges, and yes, even dirty diapers. But through it all, one thing is certain – the quest for understanding and improvement never ends.