A Woman’s Reply To A Husband Eloping With Her Sister


    It’s not every day that you come onto something this hilarious!

    We all know that marriage can be both intriguing and dull. Everything is dependent upon our actions. Every family experiences ups and downs, but in this one the husband chose to give up on his marriage and left his wife a startling note; what counts is how she responds!

    Not to spoil all the fun for you, here’s the letter:

    Dear Wife,

    I’m telling you in this letter that I’m going to be permanently parted from you. In our seven years of marriage, I’ve been a nice husband to you, but I have nothing to show for it. For me, the past two weeks have not been easy.


    I was informed by your manager that you resigned today because it was simply too much for you to handle.

    When you came home last week, you didn’t even realize I’d changed my hair, made your favorite dinner, and was wearing a brand-new pair of silk boxers.


    You watched all of your soap operas, ate in just two minutes, and immediately fell asleep.

    You no longer tell me that you love me and that you want no sex or anything that would bind us together as husband and wife.

    I’m leaving because it’s finished, whether you love me or not. You may be cheating on me.

    Your EX-Husband

    P.S. Please don’t look for me. Together, your sister and I are moving to West Virginia! Enjoy a wonderful life!

    Dear Ex-Husband,

    I promise that receiving your letter has brightened my day more than anything else. Although a nice man is very different from what you’ve been, you and I have been married for the past seven years.

    I watch so much TV because, even though it doesn’t seem to work, it drowns out your incessant complaining and whining.

    When I saw your haircut last week, my initial thought was, “You look just like a girl!” I also chose not to comment because, as my mother taught me, you shouldn’t say anything if you can’t say something kind.

    And because I gave up pork seven long years ago, you must have confused me with MY SISTER when you prepared my favorite dinner. Regarding those new silk boxers: I prayed it was a coincidence that my sister had just borrowed $50 from me that morning and turned away from you since the $49.99 price tag was still on them.

    I still thought we could sort this out and I still loved you despite everything. Thus, after winning $10 million in the lottery, I resigned from my work and purchased two tickets for us to travel to Jamaica. However, you had left when I arrived home.

    I suppose there’s a reason why everything happens. I hope you lead the contented life you’ve always desired. The letter you wrote guarantees you will not receive a cent from me, according to my attorney. Thus, be careful.