9-year-old boy survives alone for 2 years


    Children find solace, love, and support in their parents, and they find a haven where they can develop, learn, and flourish in their embrace. Regretfully, not all parents would sacrifice a great deal for their child’s welfare.

    The harsh reality is that some parents neglect and abandon their children instead of providing for them.

    This terrible narrative, which originates in southwest France, embodies all that a mother should not be.

    A nine-year-old child was abandoned by his mother at their apartment, and he had to care for himself for a full two years. This little child showed amazing resourcefulness and determination despite the difficulties he encountered. After the youngster lived alone for a few months, some of the neighbors started to suspect that he might not be living with his mother, but they couldn’t be certain because he always dressed well and did well in school. That’s also the reason his classmates’ and teachers’ worries went unanswered.

    But once he came home, he had to face the hard truth of life. He largely survived on canned food, some tomatoes and other vegetables he would collect from the neighbors’ gardens, and the food some of the neighbors sent him. He was living without electricity or hot water.


    Ironically, his mother lived in a nearby hamlet just 5 km away from him, but she hardly ever came to see him or took care of him. It was unclear how much the boy’s father was involved in his life, although he didn’t seem to be there.

    It took almost two years for one of the neighbors to report the case of an abandoned child to the authorities.

    During court processes, the full truth came to light as phone records showed how the mother had neglected her son. Neighbors attested to the boy being left alone, even though she denied it.


    The mother was judged liable by the court for neglecting and forsaking her children. The boy was subsequently placed in foster care after she received an 18-month prison sentence. His mother had only paid him one visit while he was in foster care, so when he got closer to being a teenager, he decided to sever all contact with her. The boy’s ability to persevere for such a long period and excel academically while living without parental guidance or family support is simply amazing. It is very amazing how resilient and determined he is.