8 Painful Signs You Lost A Good Woman

    Everyone has heard the adage that you don’t realize how valuable something is until it’s gone. In actuality, though, you knew exactly what you had—you just assumed it would never disappear and took it for granted. Because of their love and devotion, some men grow accustomed to having women go above and beyond for them. Relationships, however, aren’t always like that. A lady won’t think twice to leave when she has had enough.

    She No Longer Makes You A Priority

    One of the first indicators that a good lady is starting to distance herself from you is that she is no longer putting you first. It aches because you feel like she doesn’t prioritize you now, even though you were essential to her in the past. She texts and calls less frequently, cancels or rearranges plans, and makes you wonder how important you are to her.

    She Begins To Ignore You

    Ignoring someone you used to be close to can be painful. You observe that she is responding to your messages more slowly, or worse, not at all. She looks uninterested in what you have to say, and the conversations grow superficial. It hurts because you long for the connection you once shared and because you think she’s edging away from you.

    Everything You Do Seems To Get Her Upset

    She seems annoyed by things that used to bring her joy. It’s difficult to watch her respond poorly to your attempts, whether you’re being kind or affectionate. It leaves you wondering what’s going on and gives you the impression that you have to be extremely careful not to annoy her. It also gives you the impression that she doesn’t value you.

    She’s Holding Back Her Feelings Around You

    You two used to talk about anything, but nowadays she doesn’t share her emotions with you, which makes you feel excluded. It’s difficult because you want to get to know her better, but it seems like she’s closing doors and refusing to let you in.

    She’s Acting Cold Toward You

    The affection and coziness you once shared seem far away and chilly now. There are moments when it seems as though you don’t know each other at all, and the distance is painful. You long for the connection you previously shared and wish that times had gone back to those days. She seems so far away, and you find yourself wondering what occurred to make her act this way.

    She Doesn’t Want To Make Compromises Or Listen To You Anymore

    She used to be willing to compromise and care about your opinion. She doesn’t seem to be interested in your needs or thoughts right now. You get the impression from her lack of communication and willingness to make concessions that she doesn’t respect your feelings and ignores you.

    She Now Loves To Spend Time Away From You

    She used to demand more space, but you used to spend a lot of time together. It’s difficult to watch her get enthused about planning events without you. It hurts because you feel like you’re losing the connection you once shared, and you wonder why she’s moving away.

    You Have A Feeling That She Does Not Need You Anymore

    You get the impression that she is becoming less dependent on you and more autonomous. It stings because you were loved and felt significant once. It appears like she is going on without you at this point, which leaves you perplexed and uncertain about the future of your relationship.