3 Kind Of Woman That Makes Men Never Forget


    Some women leave a lasting impression on a man that lasts the entirety of his life. He might even have a family and a different girlfriend, but he would never stop thinking about the person he could have achieved success and happiness with.

    Which woman do men always remember?



    1. The person who abandoned him

    A man may have vivid memories of a woman who abandoned him. This proves that she is much better than him and that he has proven himself to be unworthy.

    Even though she might be a completely average lady with many imperfections, a man would perceive her as the most exceptional and distinct from everyone else because of this impression.


    What matters most in this case is not her objective value but rather the assessment of the man himself. If she chooses not to be with him, then the lady is much greater than him.

    2. A woman who offered him

    After they met and went on several dates, everything is said to have gone well. But then she stopped talking abruptly, saying nothing at all. Whatever the reason for the breakup of communication, the important thing is that this guy will think about this girl for a very long time and wonder why she turned him down. In the majority of the cases, it turns out that she just lost interest in him and stopped speaking to him.

    3. A lady who exhibits erratic conduct

    It’s common knowledge that a woman who is in love would agree to meet up with you, make calls, and write letters. But, if a woman is not interested in a man, her actions toward him cannot be predicted.

    She asks to meet today and even proposes a date, but by tomorrow she’s not sure if she wants to maintain the relationship.

    The more this kind of discourse goes on, the more the man starts to lust after the woman.

    Even when the man understands the absurdity and risk of this relationship, he frequently finds it tough to move on from the woman after she finally departs from his life.