14 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You


    1. There is an emotional distance between the two of you.

    You sense that a significant chasm has opened up between the two of you. Simply put, something is wrong with your partnership. Things have changed, but you’re having trouble identifying the underlying cause of the issue.

    2. Your gut is telling you that something isn’t right.

    When it comes to emotional issues, you have to learn to believe your gut. In relationships, it’s common to overthink situations or to be utterly unaware of everything going on around you. You must therefore be able to follow your gut if it tells you that something isn’t quite right.

    3. They don’t like to spend as much time with you as before.

    You used to spend almost every moment of your leisure time together. However, he’s been wishing to do different activities in different places with different individuals lately. You sense that you are losing him, and it’s likely that you are—to someone else.

    4. They no longer make you feel included in their life.

    At this point in your relationship, you are just an observer. You have no influence over how people live their life anymore. They never used to act on their own initiative in the past. They would constantly seek your opinion on everything. However, you no longer get the impression that they respect your viewpoint.

    5. They push you to spend more time with other people instead.

    Having a spouse that supports your independence and allows you to hang out with your pals is always a wonderful thing. However, having a partner who doesn’t seem to want to compete with you for your time and attention is also incredibly strange and suspicious.

    6. They are away from you at very odd and unusual hours.

    A routine typically forms between you and your partner when things are going well in a relationship. But, you may tell something is wrong when that routine starts to alter and you see that your partner is spending more time away from you.

    7. They don’t open up to you about how they spend their time.

    When it comes to the time they spend apart from you, they behave quite slyly. Their narratives don’t appear to overlap. Their explanations are evasive and contradictory. It seems to you that they avoid conversation because they are too scared of being discovered lying.

    8. They let the phone ring whenever they’re around you.

    How come they wouldn’t want to answer the phone call? If the number is for their workplace at work, they should feel comfortable picking it up in front of you. You know they wouldn’t be able to take the call with you there, though, if it was a personal call from someone who shouldn’t be in the photo.

    9. They don’t talk to you about feelings and emotions anymore.

    They prefer not to confide in you about their innermost feelings because they are afraid of being discovered in their web of lies and know that if they do, they will inevitably be exposed.

    10. There is a certain sense of anxiety in the air whenever you’re together.

    Because of the impending suspension and dishonesty, there is a certain amount of tension and worry while you are together. Tensions are running high and the stakes are bigger. He is aware that a small mistake could spark a heated dispute between you two.

    11. They take on a drastic change in how they look.

    They radically alter their appearance. Additionally, it represents the significant change in their perception of you and your relationship.

    12. They hang out with a new “best friend” of the opposite sex.

    They ought to be permitted to have a “best friend” who is the other sex. However, they ought to give you more of their attention than they do that closest buddy.

    13. They have encounters with their exes.

    If you and your partner occasionally encounter into their ex, especially if you both hang out in the same social circles, you might not find anything suspicious. But if your significant other appears to be seeing their “ex” somewhat too frequently, you should be aware that something is off.

    14. They act overly critical of you and your flaws in the relationship.

    They begin to draw attention to the flaws in your character. They focus on anything that makes you look less than ideal. They wish to demonstrate to you that you are not as amazing as you may believe. And they do it to crush your confidence and ego.