12 Signs Someone Is Jealous Of You


    It doesn’t matter how wonderful you are as a person or how much you deserve everything in life—someone will always be jealous of you. Jealousy is usually clear, but sometimes it takes the form of kindness on the outside. This article lists all the obvious signs that someone is envious of you, so you can identify and deal with them.

    Everyone feels amazing when they accomplish their life goals, but some people are quick to sap that happiness. These are the people you think are rooting for you, but rather than sharing in your success, they are jealous, which makes them say and do terrible things to you. Jealous people often feel inadequate and have a yearning for other people’s belongings. Envy, however, is not intrinsically pathological.

    Jealousy happens to everyone from time to time, but most of us can hide it and go on. However, that can’t be said of everyone. Having to cope with someone jealous is tough.

    Twelve Indices That You Are Envious Of Someone What are the signs that someone else is jealous of you? These 12 indicators will show you that someone is jealous of you.



    1. Copying.

    Someone jealous of your relationships, career, looks, and other facets of your life will do all in their power to imitate you. Even though Oscar Wilde famously said, “The sincerest form of flattery is imitation,” most of the time, it just pisses you off when others steal your ideas. But rather than getting angry, it’s better to help these people create their own identities. Make every effort to inculcate in them the notion that authenticity is a prerequisite for success.

    2. Bogus Compliments.

    When someone seems to be flattering you, it’s one of the easiest ways to tell if they’re jealous of you behind your back. Someone jealous will pretend to be complimenting you, but as soon as you turn around, they will start criticizing you. Rather than attempting to get over their jealousy, they will just act as if it never happened. Refrain from putting yourself at their level. When they deserve it, give them something for their achievements.


    3. Belittling Your Success.

    They will work tirelessly to minimize your achievements, sometimes even resorting to extreme means to achieve this. Remember that they will keep acting this way, thus you will be wasting your time trying to persuade them otherwise. Just maintain your humility and sense of success.

    4. They’ll Take Pride in Your Errors.

    Someone will be the first to say, “I told you so,” if you make even the smallest mistake or experience even the smallest setback. This is one of the most subtly telling signs of envy. Even if you make the smallest error, they will be happy. Refrain from letting their cruel comments affect you. When you take the right path, it is hard for them to stop you from achieving.

    5. They Aren’t Friends in Fair Weather.

    It is not uncommon to see that some people will only stay in your life to the degree that you succeed. If you fail, they’ll be gone like rats from a sinking ship. Conversely, jokers are the opposite. If they see that you are accomplishing your goals, they will back down. This is because their feelings of jealousy and inadequacy will only intensify in response to your well-being. Since they would not enjoy being the center of attention, they would sooner vanish than feel insignificant.

    6. In their eyes, you will be their rival.

    Someone envious of you will try to start a rivalry with you because they want to be better than you and will do whatever it takes to become dominant. Keep from letting them agitate you. This kind of rivalry is toxic, so they won’t hesitate to use dirty techniques to undermine you.

    7. Those who spread rumors.

    Jealous people will take any opportunity to criticize you behind your back and won’t say anything kind. Sometimes they can be overtly harsh and vengeful, and they won’t even think twice about spreading stories, even if they know they are false. Refrain from succumbing to their toxic personality. The best thing to do is talk to them about it straight away. Be honest and tough with them when you speak with them, and you might be able to convince them to stop.

    8. exceptional at seeing flaws in everything you do.

    Envious people will perceive you as a lower-class individual who just so happened to get lucky. They’ll make every effort to convey that to you by criticizing everything you do. No matter how good you are or how hard you’ve worked, they won’t care. When someone continually undermines you in a relationship, it’s one of the most blatant signs of jealousy.

    9. You’ll Be Hatred Without Cause.

    An envious person will always despise you, regardless of the reason. They are envious of your achievement and will get upset with you if it isn’t granted to them. The only way to deal with this is to be friendly to them; otherwise, they may exact retribution.

    10. They’ll make an effort to keep you apart from the people you care about.

    Jealous people will stop at nothing to destroy your bonds with the people you love. They will try to ensure you have no safety net so it would be easier for them to ruin you later. They will thus work behind your back to destroy any relationships you may have—be they amicable, romantic, or family.

    11. They’re About to Reveal Their Actual Selves.

    A jealous person will never be sincere in their feelings for you. Instead, they would prefer to put on a fake smile, act pleased for you, and send you their best wishes. Even though they won’t mean a word they say, they will nonetheless go above and above to express their admiration for you.

    12. Let Them Sabotage You With Their Counsel.

    Their jealous conscience won’t bother them when they’re trying to find ways to undermine you. One of the many signs that someone is secretly jealous of you is when they give you the worst advice imaginable to guarantee your failure. Proceed with utmost caution, as they will go to tremendous efforts to ensure that you pay attention to them so they can ultimately damage you. Even though it could be quite difficult, controlling envy in others is not impossible. But remember that the main source of their envy is their insecurity and lack of confidence. Remain composed and attempt to guide them back onto the right path; admitting that they have hurt you will only make them happy.